What you see is what you get.

Going though wordpress reading some post, then came apon a post by someone writing about how she loves to give complements, and how she can’t help doing so when she sees something nice, she just have to tell that person. I must say i also do that. No false intention at all.

In my experience with people and there actions i have learned alot about deceit, false intentions also lies and you name them i have been the one receiving all.
But still i am the same, but now just smarter, stronger and people smart, you know like “street smart” only people.

This was a issue for me not looking my age, because i hated it when people assume i know nothing of life because of looking much younger.
But i am embracing it now, i love my young look even when i am not in my 20s anymore but i love the 30s.

What you see is what you get, people can’t believe or accept that when i say something that it is what it is and not a lie or something.
People give themselfs away alot. Dishonest people that lie and tell false stories and so on, will think you do the same. Example: you are cheating on me, why are you cheating? Or i know you were just pretending to be sick not to come in to work. Stuff like that, makes me so angry. It means that they are doing it.
Understand this and this is for everyone,  when your partner for no reason ask you all the time if you cheat its them doing the cheating.

So when i say what you see is what you get it means, i was really sick and at home, i like you company then i really do, you look nice today, no i am not just saying that.
And so on….


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