What happens when you don’t sleep:

Freaky, Creepy,
Spooky sounds that is not
Really there in the darkness
But you hear it anyway, not realizing it right away, but
You stopped breathing to try and listen for more sounds that is not there
Standing against the wall not breathing almost fainting with almost no air to the brain you remember to breathe again, but still you can’t seem to just stop just standing there not breathing, because for some reason your breathing is to loud and you are trying to
Listening to the sounds
That is not there.
You finely pulled yourself together and even told yourself to stop being an idiot
Just as you calmed down and the heart rate is back to normal,
Only to see a shadow or something moving, it looked like the dog only to almost get a heart attack when he licks your hand he was next to you all the time.
You also have this dress, thing hanging in the corner and keep forgetting to just put it away, it gets you every time, in the corner of your eye.

So again after your heart is skipping beats and pumping adrenaline and its nocking at your chest just too fast, and you are sweeting because you closed all the windows trying to hide from that darkness with the freaky, creepy, spooky sounds that just want to grab you when know is not there, but you hear it anyway, and the silence is just too loud and scary
Sitting there on the bed with the book you wanted to read an hour ago but keep holding looking like a crazy person, eyes examining every corner, and ones in a while you have to remember to breath.
Now when your dog looks at you very worried, not knowing what is happening, and you just ask him… What? He gives you this whatever look and falls back into a blissful sleep of chasing something.
After snapping out of your meditation watching your dog sleep, he will surprise you with sitting up straight just staring at something, but you keep watching his face for a reaction, just one movement is better than this just staring at something wile my mind is over analysing and creating something out of nothing to scared to look away. What do you see? There is nothing, stop it you are freaking me out, treat? Seriously? Great why are you staring at me now? Treat? No? no really this is not funny, stop staring at me?

After what seems like forever you are really freaked out and you are now at the point where you see dead people in the nothingness of the weird sounds in the silence that is just not there.
Ok I am so over this, I need sleep ,being sleep deprived and all crazy.



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