Late night cuddles

How I just love that feeling
The feeling under my finger tips
It’s the blood in his vains
That makes a map to trace
Cuddles of a pure high
Skin so amazingly toned
For my hands to play.
It’s a different kind of feeling.

I have a treasure a special
Kind of magic.
When I am with you
I feel on top of the word
Late night movies with you
cuddles on the couch
Just holding me
I feel safe, I feel wanted.

So you hold me
And I will feel your skin
under my fingertips
One day it will not be like this
One day all will only be a memory
But I am blessed
And for now I will be on this high

I need this in my life now
It helps with the madness
To make me calm
To take away this demons
In my head.
I have a friend and he is strong
And he is kind
And he is handsome


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