Past Months

6ae758e44bb82101d9c59bd7f306f092I am sure what happened to me the last couple of emotional tortured months, all I know is that I have never in my life felt so deeply, ghostly alone and I have felt alone before, but this kind of lonelyness is a tortures battlefield of endless helpless Ness.

I have experienced the emptyness people have and the selfish and non excistance of kindness and a lack of empathy.
for how can you even be human not to help or feel anything for someone asking for help.


One thought on “Past Months

  1. Everyone wants to be the sword. But they forget that it starts as steel, and is heated red hot, and pounded, folded and bent. Then it is grinded to an edge and painstaikingly polished.

    It is hard becoming a sword. Just remember after hard times, you will be the sword. Good luck to you my friend


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