You will not read this.

You will not read this, but do I care?

(See the picture at the bottom? it doesn’t go with this writing, but I like the way I look in that picture.)

You will not read this, even if I put it in front of you, that is how little you cared, but this is about you, but more about the way the crazies took over, and how ridicules I feel now for being so weak, but I can understand now why love can make you insane.

You had the bad luck of being my obsession, in a time of my life when I had the bad luck of chasing you away.

I did a bad thing, in my mind at that time it made sense, backfired, now you are really gone, but I never had you so I am good. I don’t even care about the fact that you think I am sick and the most horrible person. I can not afford to care now about the image you have of me, because it’s not gonna do Me any good.

Think about it like this, I felt safe with you and wanted. When you wanted me. Think me bad, but for the first time in my life I completely was out of my mind with obsession. I did you wrong but at lease, it was out of wanting to keep you, insanely as it sounds. I am not sick i am so insane that i am completely sane because I know after everything what I did and it was wrong without thinking and I admitted to you and it was wrong and all those things.

You will never talk to me again, or even read this. haha you never read my text anyway. I guess for you to speak to me or even forgive me, you have to be emotionally mature to understand the actions of a person acting out things that were not even all about you, years of stuff and more negative verbal and abuse of all kind and all that not going into it, it’s the past and I am over it.

But I still think if I could cry, just a little I could have left all the worries in the tears on the tissue that I throw away. instead, I have gone crazy for a little wile


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