Puppet stings

No sleep again, it’s 5am
We all just need a little something to hold on to.
I am stuck in the strings.
A nother day at the puppet show.
In the strings.
Walking through 2nd Avenue.
You can meet me half way.
Tonight you are haunting me,
But I don’t mind
You put a fever inside me, possessed you got me on strings at the puppet show.
We have roots like trees,
Listen to the wispers of the leaves.
Tale a deep breath, dive in deep.

You are insane like me.
You you tell yourself apart to intertain like me.
Dark green shadows under old trees.
No sleep it’s 3 am you and me.
There is a storm you are starting now.
Broken cities
One night stands
The lights the broken sights of the nights.

Pull me close with puppet strings
Let me hang in every word you say.
Don’t you worry I got you, you say…



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