Heroes and Angels

Heroes and Angels 

Hope I can explain this right, I truly hope I can find the words to capture what I felt at that moment.

But first I have to vent and say that kindness towards animals is something of value to me. It’s like a breath of fresh air, its magic, I haven’t felt or gotten much kindness in my past, and so when I receive it, its like nothing I have ever felt inside, you feel valued, loved and wanted and some other feelings that has no name. I have known cruelty and I have seen evil, and so I appreciate to the fullest when I see even a little kindness towards a starving and abused animal.
Story goes like follows; I am visiting my boy friend and his my best friend, a kind of man that I will never in the past give even a little noticed, because of a pattern I couldn’t shake,  a bad habit of choosing the wrong men, but this time I chose the right kinda man, anyway this amazing man and also a little younger than me could see that my heart is heavy and I am so heart broken. 
The thing is I was in the backyard and we don’t go there at all. There thought the fence next door I saw 2 starving dogs, chained up and I just couldn’t understand why people do things like this, and I started to get angry and full of emotions and since there is a network of people, real life angels that I can contact I did just that.
But I also know and understand that there is allot of animals in need and also short on people that can be there right away. 

So I couldn’t sit still and decided to torture myself some more and started washing my car at the back, just to look their way constantly.
Well since I am waiting for the angels to come rescue the pups, thought run though my mind to when last they had food and how cold they must be and all the feelings of sadness, helplessness and anger overwhelmed me to the point where I couldn’t eat knowing they are hungry.
All of a sudden this handsome man took our food and jumped the fence, the act come out of know where, no warning as I watch the sunlight bounce of his beautiful long hair as he landed on his feet on the other side. 

It was like a movie as he ran and gave each  some of our food. 

I felt something I can not explain, but I do know one thing and that is a man is truly a real man when he can be so kind to a animal and more so be my hero. He is my hero, he saved me from my tortured thought and feelings of sadness, he wanted to make things better for them and me, and he did.
To Damian I love you and thank you for being something more than amazing and having so much care and kindness, so much love.
P.S I fell deeper in love with you and I am on a very magical cloud nine.


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