Just for the Rain

May summer come fast, just for the rain,

So we can dance in the street again.

I feel free every time I am close to the madness.

Chase me again, catch me if you can.

Then hold me.

Sometimes the confusion in your face,

can look so handsome.

Sometimes I know you get feelings that have no name,

and it haunts you most days.

I know you go crazy sometimes, I know you will lock me away from the world if you could.

Crazy love, the madness the beauty of us, you want it all,

It’s only yours.d98d3a329b33d7fc0dc4769d7bd028ce


2 thoughts on “Just for the Rain

  1. Every time I read this, I can feel the presence of the most wonderful feelings, the words speak to me. Gives me this free feeling. You have such a talent and should wright more often. This is an amazing read.

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