Carnival of Rust

Very well written and a awesome read, thank you for sharing, i am reblogging this 🙂

caution-life is hard

When I first discovered this song, Carnival of rust by poets of the fall. I couldn’t understand why this song is so beautiful but effectively forcing the listener to think about life and the world we live in. I was caught in an endless cycle, needing to understand why. Over and over I watched the music video on YouTube. Then it hit me, I knew the answer all along.

The vocalist in the glass box, is yearning for her love, While the carnival is filled with all sort of excitement. The caged man is wounded emotionally as she is more fascinated by the glory of materialistic items. The representation of the modern world we live in is represented by the carnival broken edges and material value is worth more to most people. Greed is taking over, she is limited by her possessions (the coins). She was just another customer. Her…

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