Whispers, against my skin as the wind, kisses me softly.

Close your eyes, you are safe,

Let go,

And I will protect you.

One single tear falls from my eyes,

I shiver from the cold wetness on my cheeks.

Take me away, even for just one second.

I beg.

Whispers of soft kindness and secure embrace,

I listen like a child,

I do as I command,

Hate and anger I feel, but I don’t need to be saved from the poison.

Whispers of love,

Let go and set yourself free.

But I can’t do what you say, I am not made that way.

I whisper and say,

You had me for a second,

But I can’t do what you say.

I am the darkness,

And there I will find my way.

So tonight, I will whisper that you must do what I say,

Follow me because I will not follow.


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