I want to play in your imagination.

We have moments,
We have inside jokes.
We have glitches in time,
When everything stands still.
You are playful, and sweet,
And you have emotions,
Traced on your face.

We have moments like tonight.
I felt you inside and out.
I studied your face,
I liked staring at you,
When you stare at me to.

Your hands so strong,
Your emotions intense,
I just want to provoke you,
Only to my intense emotional fix.

Tonight was almost as if I saw
You for the very first time.
But what can I say?
I like your mind and I want to play,
In your imagenation.

I wish I had words to say,
But you keep on winning the
Words game, I guess it’s just the
Way you love me that makes it come
So easily the words you say.

What you do is confusing for me,
Let me say that I have never been treated
This way.
When there is tears on my cheeks,
You wipe them away, every single time,
The way you hold me, speak to me,
Look at me, it’s a feeling of home, security and completeness.

The magic is when I see the way
you love me on your face,
It’s there and it’s free, your skin tell stories
Of feelings inside you for me, it makes shapes
For me to see.

What a beautiful man you are.
You have the perfect hands for me,
It’s sexy and it just loves touching me.
You are kind and you are good, you love me
In some magical way.

Honestly I must be a freak,
Because I get turned on by your dark side.
It’s not to dark, but I like you angry in unpredictable social situations.

I even like it when you are mean to other men when they even dare to stare.
I know it’s the weird in you that gets me.
You make love to me in all kinds of ways.
Makes me hot when you ask is this what you want.
I may not answers because I am already traped in pleasure.

I know our kisses always starts the playing,
It’s the way your lips taste, I can’t help myself but I want more.
I sometimes feels so close to you like our bodies needs to melt together in a forever embrace.

I miss you always when you are not with me,
Sometimes I miss you even when you are next to me,
It’s when your mind is mean and kidnaps you,
That I wish I could be kidnapped with you.
I love you.


4 thoughts on “I want to play in your imagination.

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThis is some of the most beautiful words I have ever thought I could hear. I presently feel like the words are taking me to a universal world where I could be right next to you and enjoy your presence for not a set period of time but from the start of time to the very end. We share such a wonderful time full of creatures in the mind, vivid thoughts and deep communication. Your imagination is more unique and wonderful than mine could ever be. I love you so much flowers need the sun less than I need you. I want to protect you and love you and be your place to feel safe and loved at all times. Nothing in this world can compare to you. You are the moon light in my night sky. You are the reason to my happyness. You are the reason to my joy in life. With you by my side I am willing to do anything. Love you very much

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