I Am Free to be.

The Silence, the trees in the night,
the Moon through the clouds,
I feel free.
I feel alive,
the silence that brings my mind to life.
The earth is still and the energy in the air is full of renewing cells of life.
I soak up the moon’s rays,
I feel it in my veins, it takes me to that deep place inside my mind,
there I can be anything I want to be.
Be still my friend, the night brings so much life,
silence feels like the perfect song, it feeds my soul.
I just want to spin around and around again till I fall to look up at the sky,
spinning, my heart racing.
Night sky looking up at the stars on green grass just being in the moment,
feeling free just to be.51a7fb95d69a284ee9eeb72a27644eb7--photography-art-night-photography


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