Life is hard, but most survive, words is the key to anything, your mind transformes
words into reality..ideas comes from reading, listening, writing, thinking.
We create our own reality… if you believe it or not.


One thought on “About

  1. Yes your life was hard in the past and yes it made you sad and hurt, it even left a scar.. But remember would you be the person you are today, this strong amazing person that can take on the world? No you would not! I am afraid and sadden for the people that didn’t have hard times, how will they deal with what is happening? Only by climbing that mountain. You cried, you healed and yes the memories may not go away, but stop crying about it, honestly its a blessing.. Think of it that way, you can handle things better you are more mature, I have gone to hell and back and I would do it all over again, because what I have gain and the lessons I have learned, the insight on life I have is more valuable to me then living a life without knowledge!! So be proud of who you are, bath in your awesome ness he he blessings to you and always be kind to people the world needs the love 🙂


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