Perfect Nothing

images I was fine, now its starting all over again, the unsure feeling in my soul,

Its not even in my heart, because i know how to switch it of. But maybe this time, i want to feel it, just for a little wile, just to make me cry, but there is no guarantee that i have tears left.

I feel its creeping up on me and its not a feeling i love at all, i knew i shouldn’t let you near me, i knew you would break the wall.  But you and your mind is unclear to me, and its breaking my heart. All of them want to keep me, but you are the one i need.

The intimate ways of us, skin by skin, lips touching lips, this must not be, this must stop. Because i might feel more and i am not sure i want it this way. If you want it then i will sure be there.

Just tell me, tell me that you want more then this perfect nothing we have. Tell me you want me so i can be safe from the others draining me.

Even if you don’t want me, i will still be fine, but this perfect nothing must stop, because you are breaking my walls.


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